Saeroun City

Saeroun City is regarded today as a hub for international business, where many of the worlds most powerful companies have their headquarters and conduct business. The city was founded by a group of vampires decades ago as a haven from persecution from humans, who were much less tolerant and accepting of vampires at that time. The original settlers many of which are still alive today, are among the city’s richest citizens. Saeroun had long held a reputation as one of the safest cities in the world, and a place where vampires and humans could live in harmony. Recently crime and violence have risen in the city, and this has become a concern for all its citizens.

The Red Station

The Red Station is the main source of blood and blood products in Saeroun City. They have stores all over the city and are run by a board of directors. They have contracts and work closely with the local government, since they supply an essential service. They are one of the only major companies in Saeroun to elect a human as chairman of the board, although their majority Share holder, who also sits on the board is Aiden Miller.


Imperium is a company that specializes in the production and exportation of fine wine. The company was founded in Saeroun City, and their global headquarters remains there to this day. The companies’ founder and CEO Aiden Miller built Imperium from nothing and managed to make it one of the premier wine companies in the world. Many of their products can be found in liquor stores and high-end restaurants around the world.

The Police Force

The Saeroun Police force is the main peace keeping force in the city and has always carried a sparkling reputation. They are a large part of why the city is considered very safe to live and conduct business. When they were first established, they were tasked with keeping the peace between the vampire and human populations of Saeroun, however when the vampire population grew the city decided to appoint a special task force to police the vampires. Lately the police force’s reputation has been rocked with allegations of corruption, bribery and other criminal activity.

The Night Kings

The night kings are a criminal Syndicate based in Saeroun City, they operate primarily in Asia, but have dealings all over the world. The founder and head of the organization is Noah Miller a vampire who is charismatic, ruthless, and quite literally bloodthirsty. In the past the night kings had thrived by operating in the shadows and staying off the radar of the local authorities, but along the years as they have grown in power and influence, they have gotten more brazen committing many of their crimes in broad day.

The Underground Army

The underground army or UA is a group, who’s sole mission is to eliminate, what they perceive as the greatest treat to mankind, the vampire population. They operate on a global scale and the size of the group is unknown since most of their members identities are secret. They are well trained, and often apply military tactics, so it is widely believed that most of their members are ex military. Most governments around the world have labeled them as an extremist group since they are known to apply extreme measures to attain their objectives. The UA has been linked to bombings, and mass casualty events that often result in the death of vampires and in some cases even humans.

About Author

Tales Of Blood & Lust Is Written and Illustrated by Canadian Author and Comic Artist Lamia Taleeb. Lamia Has Been passionate about Comics Since the Age of Ten When She Discovered and Started Reading a variety of different comics.  As a young adult she Graduated with A Bachelor’s Degree in Business but remains an artist at heart.  She draws much of her inspiration from her travels, encounters and the different mysteries of life. Even though she has been drawing and illustrating Since a young age, her latest endeavour tales of blood and lust, is the one she is most passionate about, and the first comic she has shared with the world. It was first released in 2021, and the complete first season is now on webtoons. Her mission is to continue to share her passion with other comic lovers, and one day develop tales of blood and lust into a successful  TV series.